Yoga in  Hobe Sound, Florida with

Skyy Michelle Della

Author, International Yoga Instructor & Chi Gung Master


Welcome to the website of Skyy Michelle. Here you will find information about Ashtanga-based, yoga teacher certification training, Chi Gung training and other, unique retreats offered by Skyy and her trusted and skilled partners. 

Skyy is based in Hobe Sound, FL.  Skyy encourages: "Think before you think! The creative power of our thoughts is sovereign. Choose, deliberately, every thought! Our thoughts have dominion over our world. Our lives reflect well-being, health and happiness in direct proportion to the thoughts of well-being, health and happiness that we consistently think."

Skyy is currently working on a number of creative projects.  Information will be posted on the site as things unfold.

Skyy is now teaching at the Banner Lake Community Center. She is teaching music classes for children there ...